PAMCA Membership

PAMCA is a membership organization and members constitute part of the governance structure and therefore a very important aspect of the organization. We ensure effective participation of members in our activities.

The members of PAMCA are a group of committed experts whole sole interest in PAMCA is to make professional contributions to the development and implementation of new techniques and tools for mosquito control. Membership is open to professionals with sound interest in mosquito research, vector borne diseases and related subjects across Africa and beyond. Membership is open to students, individuals, research institutions, the private sector and industry practitioners engaged in mosquito research and related subjects.

PAMCA membership runs from January - December following calendar year. Membership is not prorated. As such, prospective members are encouraged to register for PAMCA membership earlier on in the year to enjoy full benefits of membership.

PAMCA’s mandate is to create an enabling environment in Africa for all stakeholders in mosquito control to work together in partnership to synergise mosquito control efforts and to disseminate related knowledge and advances in mosquito control. It aims at connecting African based entomologists, public health professionals and other actors engaged in vector control and the reduction of disease burden in Africa, and work towards a common vision of “An Africa free from mosquito-borne diseases.

For any additional information or inquiries, you can reach us on +254 757 355 491 or on email at

Who can join

Membership is open to anyone concerned with or interested in mosquito control and related work, and desiring to participate in the promotion and improvement of such work.

The following categories of membership are available:

  • Individual members
  • Student members
  • Governmental or corporate Members

How to Join PAMCA


First Step

Membership is established by expressing interest by selecting the membership category and filling in the membership application form.


Second Step

User selects the country chapter (mandatory).


Third Step

User proceeds to pay the membership dues to officially sign up as a member.

Click the button to join PAMCA

Members Benefits

Members enjoy certain benefits including entitlement to hold office, serve on committees, propose motions, vote in PAMCA elections and participate at officially called business meetings depending on their membership type. Membership and online registration also allows access to Members Area content such as the Document Archive and Members’ Profiles.

Members benefit include:

  • Attendance at national meetings
  • Reduced rates for meeting registration
  • Paper presentations at certain PAMCA-organized events
  • Publication in PAMCA journal (once established)
  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Participation in organization governance