8th PAMCA Annual Conference & Exhibition, September 26-28, 2022


The Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) is an African member-based professional body that brings together stakeholders in the field of vectors and vector-borne diseases control including scientists, public health professionals, vector control specialists, affected communities and other stakeholders to work together and adopt best practices for the control and elimination of vector-borne diseases in Africa and worldwide.


News and Events

Message from PAMCA Executive Director Dear PAMCA Friends and Partners, The World Mosquito Day (WMD) is observed every year on August ...

Registration for the 8th PAMCA Annual Conference is now open. Please register today and take advantage of the early bird rates. Visit the conference website...

Background: Evidence shows that gender equality and women`s rights are critical drivers of health, wellbeing, and socioeconomic development. The complexity of ...

Jessy Goupeyou- Youmsi, WIVC Regional Coordinator for West Africa (WA) As a Medical Entomologist, Jessy Goupeyou- Youmsi is overwhelmed with joy to be p...

PAMCA Membership

PAMCA is a membership organization and members constitute part of the governance structure and therefore a very important aspect of the organization. We ensure effective participation of members in our activities.

Members benefit include:

  • Attendance at national meetings
  • Reduced rates for meeting registration
  • Paper presentations at certain PAMCA-organized events
  • Publication in PAMCA journal (once established)
  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Participation in organisation governance