PAMCA Cameroon Chapter World Mosquito Day position statement

Mosquito borne diseases are still threatening the life of millions of people across Africa. Eliminating these diseases should be our top priority for a prosperous Africa. Building capacities of communities, women and the youth and promoting collaboration across Africa could be key in achieving this goal. Let us work together for a world free of mosquito borne diseases.

Chapter activities

6th Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA)

PAMCA Cameroon Chapter hosted the 6th PAMCA Annual Conference and Exhibition from the 23rd to 25th September 2019, at Yaounde-Hilton Hotel in Cameroon. The theme of the conference was "Strengthening Surveillance Systems for Vector-borne disease elimination in Africa". The conference attracted over 400 delegates (Researchers, Students, Public Health specialists, Sponsors, Partners, NGOs and National control programs) from over 40 countries, and featured over 250 presentations in the form of keynote speech, oral presentations, poster presentations, symposiums and booster talks. The PAMCA 2019 Annual Conference and Exhibition offered the opportunity to listen to cutting edge science and provided lessons from peers and mentors, in both broad and niche disciplines of vector-borne diseases. In addition, two side events were held on the sidelines of the conference, including the 3rd PAMCA international short-course on “Gene drive technologies”, and the 1st PAMCA international workshop on “Strengthening the Role of Women in the Control of Vector-Borne Diseases”.

Executive Committee

  • Chairperson
    Antonio-Nkondjio Christophe

  • Vice-Chairperson
    Bigoga Jude

  • Secretary
    Foko Gisèle

  • Vice-Secretary
    Elanga Emmanuel

  • Treasurer

  • Communications Manager
    Etang Josiane

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