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Ibra Lujumba

Bioinformatician ‘Train the Trainers” (TOT) Fellow for the Anopheles Genomics Phase II Project

Ibra Lujumba is a Bioinformatics Trainer (ToT) Fellow for the Anopheles Genomics Phase II project at PAMCA. As part of his responsibilities, Ibra would advance PAMCA-Welcome Sanger Institute's goal to expand bioinformatics capacity for vector genomics work in Africa.

Ibra holds a BSc in Biochemistry and Chemistry from Makerere University, Uganda. Ibra has always had a keen interest in Bioinformatics and understanding the dynamics of human-parasite-vector interactions, human genomics as well as genomics of African indigenous cattle. These interests fit into the wider perspective of studying existing challenges of increasing drug resistance, poverty rate and food insecurity due to climate change.

His research interest focus on understanding the growth dynamics of wild-type trypanosomes in humans and cattle, identifying variants that are responsible for observed tolerance to trypanosomiasis among indigenous cattle living in tsetse fly-endemic cattle corridor in Uganda. Prior to joining PAMCA, he served as a member of H3Africa two bioinformatics working groups that are studying transcriptomics and repeat expansions using Africa-wide human genomics datasets.