Director Of Scientific Programs

Reports to:

Executive Director

Reponsible for:

Managing all Scientific Progam Managers


Any Centers of Excellence -Central Or West Africa

Job purpose:

Oversee program development, management and advising on all issues concerning scientific operations. Shape and promote best ptractises in science and data for surveillance control and elimination of vector-borne diseases in Africa through the PAMCA platform. Drive the culture of scientific and research management in order to deliver high quality data, best practises and best practises for stakeholders involved in vector-borne diseases elimination and surveillance in Africa.

Application Period:

Applicants should sent a copy of their CV and a motivation letter to by Monday 10th October 2022, 5pm East African Time. First round interviews: week commencing 7th November Second round interviews: week commencing 14th November


Governance/Strategic Management

  • To work with the Executive Director to define areas of Scientific focus for PAMCA Program interventions.
  • Provide leadership in the development of strategic plans and budgets for all programs.
  • To implement Programs as defined in PAMCA’s Strategic Plan as well as initiate and set goals for programs based on the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • To represent PAMCA in international and strategic meetings and work with the Executive Director to establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders working on vector-borne diseases in Africa.
  • To ensure that Programs are effectively represented across relevant operating committees and steering groups internally and externally.
  • To work with the Executive Director to define and seek funding for flagship projects and programs
  • To represent Programs team at Board meetings, ensuring that decisions taken on resourcing, priorities, structures and technological developments are given appropriate consideration.
  • To support PAMCA’s CoEs, partner Countries and PAMCA chapters in the translation and adoption of the GVCR
  • Forge close collaborations between African based researchers, research institutions and National disease control programs to enhance a unified response to VBDs.
  • Coordinate regular convenings of the country VCTWGs and support NCMPs in redefining their VBD surveillance and response strategies





Program Management

  • To supervise implementation of scientific projects within PAMCA’s program portfolio. The ability to plan and execute programs from start to finish, identifying processes, deadlines and milestones.
  • Ensuring an appropriate programme or project management framework is in place, incorporating the PAMCA Review process if required.
  • Preparing programme briefsproject initiation documents, business cases or equivalent, appraising options in line with  approval procedures.
  • To ensure quality and timely submission of quarterly and annual or required Programme and Project Performance Reports as per desired standards and guidelines. Ensure compliance of approved Programme and Project plans.
  • To ensure that all PAMCA chapters are aligned with the organisation’s current strategy and effectively meet the ambition for PAMCA to be a key partner in the elimination and surveillance of vector-borne diseases in Africa.
  • To ensure that PAMCA chapters are linked to vector-control programs in their countries, supporting those programs in vector surveillance and in setting the agenda for operational research relevant to their settings.
  • Develop, monitor, review and update the Programme department activity and work plan to ensure that it attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Review and approve programme concepts, partner financial requests as per organizational process and procedures.
  • Manage the expenditure and disbursement of resources allocated to the program department in line with policies and procedures.

Human Resource Management

    • Provide leadership to the Programmes Team towards in order to meet
    • To build and contribute to a culture of inclusiveness, transparency, and development.
    • Create and nurture effective communication within the organization.
    • Build a strong team through open communication and by collaborating on decision-making responsibilities.
    • Ensure an empowering work environment in accordance with PAMCA ‘s values, principles and ethos.
    • Ensure an enabling environment for staff performance, recognition and reward of the programs team to encourage staff productivity, innovation and performance (e.g. facilities, equipment, duty facilitation, team building etc.)
    • Participate in the review of staff job descriptions, setting of performance standards and recruitment of staff with HR Representative.
    • Assign performance objectives to supervised staff, conducts comprehensive performance appraisal of supervised staff and provide / obtain feedback when necessary
    • Provides induction, training, coaching, mentoring and advice to supervised staff to ensure that they understand and carry out their responsibilities effectively
    • Work with HR Function to identify training needs and development opportunities for supervised staff


         Technical Expertise–. A Master of Science in (Public Health, Medical Entomology, Parasitology) with Research and Program management Experience.

         PhD in Science will be an added advantage.

         At least 5 years’ experience in a Senior Management position as Program manager, Scientific Research and development, Vector surveillance and Control.

Skills Knowledge Experience:

         Solid experience of working in a complex scientific environment, with the ability to engage senior academic or research peers, balancing the interplay between academic research and national program’s needs.

         Experience of entomological policy frameworks and technical understanding of the vector-borne disease field with proven ability to seize scientific opportunities in an agile way

         Decision making and planning – professional judgement and discernment. Capacity for inquiry, research, logical and analytical thinking, powers of reasoning and critical analysis.

         Planning and Organisation – Able to prioritise activities in line with PAMCA’s vision and mission, working with limited resources within a fast changing environment.

         Basic understanding of project cycle management, knowledge of M&E methodology and quality assurance.

         Self-motivated with strong attention to detail, ability to work independently with minimal supervision and motivated to set initiatives and self-learn.

         Excellent understanding of development partnerships, fund-raising, donor stewardship, governmental and international relations.

         Focus and determination: consistent commitment to excellence, engagement with stakeholders, willingness to listen to complaints and suggestions. Ability to maintain balance between inner focus, focus on others, and external focus.  

         Skilled in coaching and mentoring – provides a supportive environment delegating and empowering country chapters. Strong leadership and people management abilities, with the capacity to inspire, energize and empower others to achieve high performance coupled with experience of managing a variety of teams/groups.

         Communication and Influencing Skills–Good written and verbal and IT communication skills - able to listen, present, discuss, report, put views forward, negotiate with confidence.  Skilled influencer and negotiator able to identify and deal tactfully with sensitive and/or contentious situations

         Excellent people skills, sensitivity to cultural and language differences, able to interact with people at all levels of the organisation.

Able to work with others in a consultative way, ability to withstand and resolve conflict, negotiating professional solutions.

Send applications to:

Applicants should sent a copy of their CV and a motivation letter to by Monday 10th October 2022, 5pm East African Time