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WHO Global vector control response

WHO is holding a web-based consultation from 1-30 November to solicit further comments from Member StatesRead More

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Malaria elimination impossible to achieve without African entomologists

Major success in the fight against malaria has largely been due to efforts aimed at killing mosquitoes. The targetted attack has involved deployment of bed nets or indoor sprays that include insecticides. But mosquitoes are developing resistance to these chemicals while at the same time global funds for their deployment are shrinking. In the push [...]Read More

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New WHO guidance notes on malaria vector control

WHO issued one recommendation and two guidance notes on vector control following the latest Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) meeting.Read More

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ISNTD Bites 2013: Integrated Disease Surveillance and Vector Control

“Towards poverty alleviation and long-term development by incorporating targeted, adequate and sustainable vector control into NTD control programmes”Read More

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Malara Vector Control: Research, Economics and Policy

Despite being treatable, malaria has by far the greatest impact on human health from vectors. For example in Africa, a child dies every 45 seconds of malaria. Both prevention through vector control and treatment are needed to protect populations, Indeed Vector control in many third world areas can have tremendous impacts, however Malaria Vector control [...]Read More

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August symposium in Nairobi

A symposium will be held aimed at building professional connection between scientists from Kenya and the United States.Read More

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