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he Pan-Africa Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) is a professional body comprised of mosquito control and research professionals from Africa and beyond.


The overall objective of the Organization is to promote control of and research on mosquitoes and to disseminate information on the bionomics of mosquitoes and related subjects across Africa and worldwide.


The specific objectives of PAMCA are:

  • Improvement of the life quality of the people by reducing the mosquito nuisance level.
  • Promotion of African co-operation and participation in mosquito control projects in Africa and developing countries.
    Promotion of the study, prevention and control of mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Development and implementation of new materials, techniques and tools for mosquito control.
  • Enhancement of control measures based on Integrated Vector Management approaches by favoring methods with low toxicological profile and low environmental impact.
  • Organization of educational and training courses, visits and staff exchanges between the members of the Organization in order to achieve better professional skills in accordance with the objectives of the Organization.
  • Promotion of general public and authority‚Äôs awareness about mosquito control and related subjects.